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Celebration Cake Set
Celebration Cake Set
Celebration Cake Set
Celebration Cake Set


Celebration Cake Set

Rs. 3,800.00

The ADVA Collection is a part of the XAKA Signature Collections. 


The ADVA celebration set is handcrafted from the highest quality of stainless steel and brass. A vast number of craftsman skills, knowledge of materials and production methods is required to create every piece. Balancing beauty and functionality they are stylish yet contemporary. Pieces from this collection are perfect for elevating both everyday and formal occasions. They come packed in our signature gift boxes.

All our products are lacquered with 100% food grade lacquer which will ensure that your XAKA sets resist any tarnish over time.

This set contains an ADVA flat server and cake knife


Length: 15”


Hand wash with mild, non-citrus soap and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Keep away from moisture when storing away.